Muscle Explosion Review

I've been following Nick Nilsson for quite a while now. He's known in training circles as the "Mad Scientist" for all of his unorthodox training exercises. In Muscle Explosion, 28 Days to Maximum Mass, Nick goes all out on throwing bodybuilding orthodoxy out the window, into the field, and across the ocean!

The stuff I learned here is remarkable! Nick sets up the entire program for you, step by step. There's no guess work here: Follow the program to a "T" and you'll be better off a month from now. You'll likely be bigger, more cut, and you'll definitely be stronger.

In fact, on this last point I am confident. One of the hallmarks of Muscle Explosion is Nick's very unorthodox (and very uncomfortable) use of a single exercise for an entire week. In this one week alone, you could really boost your strength levels by 5-10 percent.

It's this massive increase in strength that contributes so heavily to your success with this program. More strength means you can lift more weight for more reps when you go back to a more "conventional" routine (as in, when you go off Nick's program and back to your old routine).

More weight and more reps always means more mass (assuming you're eating as Nick prescribes, too!) - all the while, you can be ripping up your body to become more defined, too.

I don't often recommend a system so highly. This one is that good. Take a look. See what you think - you've really got nothing to lose, except the tire around your gut, and you've definitely got everything to gain!

Try Muscle Explosion today!

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