Breathing Squats for the Hardgainer

If you are a hardgainer, you may think that you have tried everything to build muscle. But it's likely you haven't tried a specific exercise, the Breathing Squat.

Breathing Squats are designed to build maximum muscle in minimal time. In fact, if you ONLY did Breathing Squats, you most likely would gain more weight than you ever have in the past. They are that effective.

Not only do they stimulate the quadriceps, leg biceps, lower back, and glutes, they stimulate the production of increased human growth hormone and testosterone, two hormones you most definitely need stimulated! Plus, the method in which you perform the Breathing Squat further increases all of the stimulatory effects of a regular squat.

Here's how you would incorporate Breathing Squats into your workout routine. First, you don't need a lot of sets or more than one or two workouts per week. However, you do need a lot of reps.

Typically, you would begin your leg workout with a normal warm-up, then move right into the Breathing Squats. Begin with one set, then move up to as many as 5 sets once your body acclimates to the heavy burden this exercise places on your body.

The key is doing at least 20 reps, preferably all the way up to 30; use a weight very similar to what you use for 15 normal squats. At the top of each squat, inhale 3-5 DEEP breaths and hold the last breath in on the way down. Go at least to parallel. Then, forcefully blow out all the air as you press yourself all the way back up. Repeat.

You will find that you are breathing VERY deeply toward the end of each and every set. But persevere and get through it, knowing full-well that this program is to be used only for 2-3 weeks at a time.

If you want even more muscle growth stimulation, superset Bent-Arm Pullovers with the Breathing Squats. Do the Pullovers in a similar fashion as the Breathing Squats, taking in a few breaths before each rep and expanding your rib cage as much as possible.

You will find out soon enough just how effective a training method this is. Make sure, however, that you are taking in about 2 grams of protein for each pound of body weight, or else you may not realize the gains you should expect under a program this intense.

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